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“Mantra is a reality based on scientific norms not a myth. The word ‘Mantra’ compromises of two words i.e. ‘Man’ which means to concentrate or focus your mind and the other ‘Tra’ which means to safeguard or defense mechanism from all sorts of negativity.”

Mantras were given by sages, the authors of the sacred hymns as a remedy against the bad effects of Grahas (planets) and the Nakshatras. Mantra provide peace & prosperity to the mind, with it one can make any person, object or place safe from the negative energies. The Mantra(s) has their origin from the 50 alphabets i.e. ‘a’ to ‘ksha’ which are further known as ‘Matrika’ i.e. mother. The 1 alphabet Mantra is known as ‘Pind’, 2 alphabets as ‘Katri’, 3 to 9 alphabets Mantra as ‘Beej or Bija’, 10 to 20 as ‘Mantra’ and 20 above alphabets in a Mantra is known as ‘Mala’. It is said that the secret of the origin of the largest trees on the globe are hidden inside their seed similarly there are many positive effects that are hidden inside these small words or ‘Mantra’ which one cannot see until & unless they realize.

Mantras have special significance while doing any sort of ritual and highly spiritual ‘Siddhi(s)’. There are many rules or processes that one has to follow while reciting a Mantra like for example one should add ‘ Hreem Shree Kleem’ in the starting of every mantra for much success and addition of ‘Aum (Om)’ brings much success to the individual. God Shiva is considered as Lord of all Mantra(s) hence all Mantras can be recited on Rudraksha mala (rosary), but if they are specialized Mantra then recitation on special rosaries like crystal, tulsi, chandan etc. gives instant benefits. Further while following any Mantra process one has to be very particular with the sound and rhythm, as both of them have special significance in this subject. The individual who recite Mantra with definite rhythm get maximum benefits on the other hand if it is recited like reading a book it generate very less positivism.

Mantra Sadhna (process) is not a easy task, it is something as rigid as modern technology nor is it purely scientific as Acharya Vinod says “it is a deep mystic approach which requires Astha (faith) and sayam (patience) for its understanding”. It is not advised to start recitation of any mantra without knowing its nature, benefits and importance thoroughly. That is the reason why it is well written in all the ancient sacred books (Shastras) that one has to have a mentor to guide him/her before starting any Mantra process (Sadhna), without proper guidance one could suffer malefic effects as well. Moreover no mantra is complete in itself as Acharya Vinod says, “in order to obtain complete benefits from the mantra it is necessary to have complete knowledge of the rituals and its practice methods”


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