In district Mirzapur, Tanda falls, Wyndham falls, Upper and Lower Khajuri reservoirs, Sirsi falls, Jirgo reservoir and Kutehara falls are some of the water-centric spots eliciting special attention.

Siddhnath ki dari

Trek to Sidhnath ki dari, Shakteshgarh, Chunar, Vindhyachal, Uttar Pradesh, India Siddhnath dari at Chunar is also a great place to trek to. The forts of Chunar and Sakteshgarh add to the enigma of Mirzapur. These mute art pieces in stone bear testimony to dynasties herein. There is a Dak Bunglaw at Chunar where one can sta as well.

Waterfalls and picnic spots

Place of Interest Location Specialty Where to stay
Raj Dari and Deo Dari Waterfalls

Chandraprabha Sanctuary, 70kms from Varanasi

Picnic spot

Rest houses around Chandraprabha sanctuary

Tanda falls 16 km south from Mirzapur Waterfall, scenic picnic spot Mirzapur
Wyndham falls 16 km from Chunar on Churk Road Waterfall, scenic picnic spot Chunar
Lorika rock 10 km from Robertsganj A colossal rock cleft in three Robertsganj
Sirsi reservoir 48 km west of Mirzapur Scenic place Irrigation department rest house

Forts of Vindhyachal

Fort Location / Distance Specialty Where to stay
Chunar Fort 45 km from Mirzapur Sonwa Mandap, Bhartihari’s samadhi, Vithalnathji’s birthplace (Pushtimarg) PWD guest house inside Chunar fort
Agori Fort

35 km from Robertsganj.

Approachable from Chopan by a boat or by a trek across River Rihand and other small streams

A trek across river Son is an interesting way to get to the fort. Agori fort (condition to prior reservation)
Vijaigarh fort

3 km to the south of Mau Kalan village.

12 km from Churk.

20 km from Robertsganj.

Despite being on a hill, the water sources in the fort do not dry courtesy a network of channels harnessing fresh-water from river Ganga. Churk
Shakteshgarh fort 25 km from Chunar Chunar

Historic Sites

Place of Interest Location / Distance Specialty Reachable by
Salkhan Fossil Park 15 km from Robertsganj on Chopan Road Fossil evidence of ancient vegetation Car
Panchmukhi caves Near Raup Village, 8 km from Robertsganj on Robertsganj-Churk Road 12 ancient cave paintings Bus or private transport
Sidhnath ki Dari 15 km from Robertganj, on the Churk Road Waterfall and ancient cave paintings Bus or private transport
Lakhania caves 15 km from Robertsaganj, in the Kaimor wildlife sanctuary Ancient caves’ site, paintings Approachable by jeep from Mahuvaria
Amda rock paintings Kaimoor wildlife sanctuary Ancient caves’ site, paintings Approachable by jeep from Mahuvaria
Ghoramangar or Khodwa Pahar 38 km from Robertsaganj and 13km to the Southwest of Mau Kalan village Ancient caves’ site, paintings Approachable by jeep via Churk and Mau Kalan village. A 3 km trek up the hill to the cave-shelter
Lakhma caves Near Ghoraghar Figures of fish found here. Paintings from 4 different periods found here. Reachable from Churk via Mau Kalan and Cherui villages
Kauva-Khoh 5 km to the south of Baghmanwa village Ancient caves’ site, paintings Village Baghmanwa is reachable by bus from Churk. A trek through the forest.


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